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General Tips

With the credit crunch and Euro exchange rate today you cannot afford to miss these tips on buying furniture in Spain to help you avoid regrets or mistakes that can be made and cost you money.

When buying your property you need to get the measurements of the rooms, developers are making properties smaller than they did a few years ago. Plans will often show the room area in square meters but not the dimensions necessary for fitting in furniture. When looking at properties and show houses, take a tape measure and note book and record measurements to check actual sizes. Measure at floor level between the skirting tiles. In a duplex do not assume an upstairs room is the same as that downstairs, even if it is directly above and looks identical.

In furniture you want it to be sturdy and solid if you are renting out or having a lot of children visiting etc. Look at table, chair and bed legs, will they withstand people on holiday in a different mind set to that of home life. Remember people renting rarely look after things or treat them as owners would. You want furniture that you can make good the following summer season with little maintenance. Glass and shiny surfaces show the dust and scratch marks are not easy to repair.

Once you have decided on a range of furniture you want to buy and think you may like to add to it in the future with a lamp table or maybe an extra chest of drawers, can the company supply extra items to the range. Many companies are unable to do this, they only sell set items to certain ranges for packages.

When choosing the furniture company you are going to use check that they help with all the above. Other things you need to ask, does the overall price include delivery, assembly of furniture, fixing your curtain poles and mirrors to the walls plus taking all their rubbish away. Is the price of your furniture stated in Euros or in Pound Stirling, this can make a big difference to your pocket. Does it also include I.V.A (VAT) and any credit card charges which can all be added on after you agreed a final amount?

Another good point, once you have decided where and when to buy your furniture and leave your 50% deposit with them, do they store your furniture free of charge? Do they order your package in ready for you straight away? For example, you think you need your furniture in 6 months time on your property completion. Suddenly you complete in four months time, can they deliver your furniture within a week. If your property takes a year to complete instead of 6 months what is their policy for this.

Do not be frightened to ask questions and if you donít like the answers or donít feel comfortable with the company, move on to another one.

At Furniture Plus we give our customers a good professional service, value for money and will help in any way we can. We donít just sell furniture packages; we are a one stop shop and sell one item or more. Lots of our customers come from recommendations and our customers return again and again. We often have our old customers coming to see us just for a visit and a chat over a cup of coffee to get an update or asking for advice on where to go for this that and the other.

We include in our prices free delivery to surrounding areas, I.V.A., no extra charges for using a credit card, full assembly of furniture and fixing of curtain poles and mirrors. If you have our linen pack we make the beds for you, with our household pack we wash everything and put away in the cupboards, and if you have our kitchen appliances they are plumbed in ready for use (subject to appropriate connections being available). Patio furniture is left ready for your use so all in all you have nothing to do but open the wine, relax and start enjoying your new home in the sun.

Think About Rentals <Back  to Top>

Many people say I am only renting out my property, whatís the cheapest we can buy. You need to remember if you are renting you need to buy for your property at a reasonable standard, its going to make you money so see your property as a business project. Think what you would want for your money if renting yourself and put in place these standards for your clientís holiday. This view point will make you more money in the long run. To achieve this you really donít need to spend a fortune, but you will get the recommendations.

If you want a sofa bed to make more on your rentals I suggest you think hard on this as it is extra wear and tear on your property and furniture and you could land up with six people and only get rent for 4 people, not everybody is honest. If you have a sofa bed for family staying with you there is no need to let the rentals know you have one.

Bedrooms <Back  to Top>

When we first opened our business 4 years ago we could put into a double room a double or even king size bed, 2 bedsides, a chest of drawers and often a dressing table with stool. Now we are lucky to fit in a normal sized double bed and 2 bedsides leaving you just enough room to walk around the bed and get to the wardrobe.

The twin bedded rooms are a bigger problem. A lot of the show houses are displaying 2 single beds with a bedside. Look at the beds, what size are they? Are they the normal 3ft (90 x 190 cm) beds or are they Spanish size somier and mattress with headboards (80 x 180cms). This is important; you need to measure from the headboard wall to the door frame for the length of bed you can fit in. You need to know the correct length for ordering your beds or you will not be able to open and close the bedroom door. It could mean you canít get to the wardrobe doors or even fit in a bedside cabinet.

When buying your beds it is best to buy bedsteads and not divans, unless you are going to live in Spain.

This is because there is not enough room to move beds to clean under them properly and, even if there is room your cleaners will generally not move beds. Cleaners are happy to sweep and mop under beds which is important with the dust here and various insects. You also need the space to put suitcases. In the hot weather air circulation under the beds helps cool you and keep the mattresses aired and fresher.

When buying your mattresses do buy comfortable ones and not cheap ones which go lumpy etc. Itís part of everyoneís holiday to have good nights sleep and not wake up with a bad back. If you are renting out your property no one will recommend you if your beds are uncomfortable and they will not return either. Itís a loss of revenue when there are so many other places to rent.

Many people want a sofa bed for extra family to share a holiday with them, so check if you have a sofa bed is there enough room to open it for use? You will have to move the coffee table, maybe chairs or the other sofa, where do you put them plus the extra clothes and cases etc?

Sofas <Back  to Top>

Check when ordering your sofas that the covers come off for washing and do they have guarantees? When choosing your material for your sofas think twice about very light colours as people use more suntan lotions and creams here than they ever would in England, also getting hot and sweaty,all adding to marks on your sofas. Lots of people ask for leather sofas, before ordering these think about this, you stick to them inthe summer and they are cold in the winter as there is not normally the heating we have in the U.K. Most people land up buying throws to cover up the leather for these reasons. If you do order one stay away from light colours because of marks, you will be forever cleaning it.

Linen & Soft Furnishings <Back  to Top>

Your linen package. It needs to have mattress protectors and donít forget one for your sofa bed. Itís hot at night and people perspire more and with different people using the beds it is more hygienic for all concerned. Check with the company you are buying from if they have plastic in them or just cotton. If they have plastic donít buy them, people just take them off the beds as they are too hot to sleep on.

Another good point, buy English pillows, the Spanish pillows are hard and often bolsters.

If you are ordering curtain poles and curtains measure the width of the windows and length to the floor. Beware of any roller blind top box, pole mountings will have to be above or to the side of these. This is easier to sort out before rather than on delivery day for all concerned. We will alter curtains to fit your window length, not many other companies do this. Some companies just leave them crunched up on the floor or tie them in a knot which is no good when you come to pull them.

White Goods <Back  to Top>

White goods package, which usually includes a fridge/freezer, washing machine, dishwasher and microwave, you need to know that these will be delivered when required and they are plumbed in for you.

If you buy a household/ kitchen pack ask about the goods included. Are their frying pans non-stick, are utensils plastic or steel and so on. If visiting their showroom look at the goods offered in the package and that they are of a good quality for the price. Do they unpack the goods and wash everything and put it into your cupboards ready for use.

Garden <Back  to Top>

Deciding on your garden furniture try and not think plastic table and chairs, because the sun does degrade them and you often land up buying again the following year. Sometimes some one can be sitting in a chair when it breaks and they take more cleaning. We encourage Aluminium coated garden furniture as it does last longer. The chairs stack just like the plastic too. If you buy a parasol base get a really heavy one, at least 30 kilos and usually made of stone. As for the parasol itself donít buy wood, the supports break when blown over. Never put your parasol in your table holder, one strong gust of wind and you have everything crashing to the floor and what a waste of good wine. Yes we do have a lot of unexpected gusts of wind and another tip, if you are going out or going indoors and not using it, put the parasol down.

Why have I spent time writing these tips? The answer is simple, I have had so many people in my shop disappointed with their packages, let down on deliveries, not had a good service, received poor quality goods for their money or just been sold to with no advice given because the company didnít listen to the customerís requirements.



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